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Rules/Guildlines/Group Annoucements


Also please understand I'm running this place solo so I can't to any everything super fast.

If you an artist that draws a fetish that you clearly enjoy please read the journal about fetishes. We have received a huge amount of a certain number and would like if you could tone down submitting them in respect of the members that are not into the same thing. Thank you very much.

New/Added rules

-No cross-overs

-A PokemonGirl can dress up as another character from another show other than pokemon, but the art must not require the cross-over character from the show. (eg Dawn can cosplay as Misa-Misa from Death Note but Misa-Misa herself cannot be in the picture herself.)

-No genderbending

-Yuri can be submitted into the group the shipping-pairing folder.

-Male characters can be submitted as long they are paired up with a PokeGirl from the anime, manga or the games.

-Members who purposely ignore our warnings more than three times will be kicked out of the group

-Useing references is NOT ART THEFT

-You are now allowed to submit stamps, vectors, wallpapers or banners into the group.

-There is now a cosplay folder.

-There is now a comic folder.

-Please submit your artwork into the right folder.

-The Other Regions folder is for other pokemon girls NOT FROM THE MAIN SERIES OF THE GAMES. Eg: Pokemon Ranger girls or girls from the pokemon movies would belong into this folder.

Existing/updated rules

-Respect all Pokemon girls, if there is any sighting of abuse of a girl, they shall receive a warning. no questions ask.

-Four artworks a day

-Any stolen artwork that has been found in the gallery will be removed and so will that member.

-No screenshots will be submitted into the group as they are created by the anime department, not the person uploading it.

-No hentai, the group only accepts chibi to ecchi.

-No OC's are allowed.

-If your artwork has more than three people in it, please submit it into the Shippings - Pairing folder


Yes, the group now has a chatroom! to talk with others and to check it out, go to this link here.…

Admin roles

Here are the admins with the job roles.

Founder and the boss :iconlittle-missmidnight:

Chatroom Mod: :iconmiya902:

Gallery Mod: :iconmatthespeedstar: :iconchrisofduty6:

Event organizer: -empty-

Gallery Folders


Newest Members


The Affiliates this groups has.

Group Info

Do you love Pokémon girls? Do you love them so much that you ship yourself with them? Or are you just obsessed with a certain Pokémon girl?

Well then this is the place for you. Come join us. The club that loves all Pokémon girls!
Founded 5 Years ago
Dec 15, 2009


Group Focus
Fan Club

3,108 Members
3,170 Watchers
210,659 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

ONE DAY LEFT. I will give an extension if people request it.

Alright now we got a theme I'll shall put down the rules here.

Theme: - Drawing your own trainer persona (or an oc dressed like a Pokemon trainer) with a 3rd gen Pokemon team, instead of May/Brendan.  suggested by Kia-chaaan and also draw things hoenn suggested by ForestMaidenLily (secret bases, contests - anything Hoenn had that no other game had pretty much.)

Example: You can draw your OC with your desired team in a secret base or draw your OC and 3rd Gen pokemon eating PokeBlocks etc.


Updated : Your drawing must  have your OC/s, at least with one Hoenn region pokemon and must be doing something unique from the 3rd gen games or must be in one of the routes or gym or town from the games.

- You may submit only one final entry into the folder…. You are allowed to take your entry back after you submit it if you want to draw your entry again though.

- Writers are allowed to enter into this celebration. I will judge you in a different catorgry from the artists to makes things fair.

- No tracing or stealing artworks that are not yours.

- Prize artists may enter as well. If one of the prize artists happens to win the only difference is for them is that they won't receive the prize they say they would give because it feels funny giving a prize to yourself.

-Prize artists please write in some detail of what prize you will give (either a drawing or points) and say if it is for 1st, 2nd or 3rd.) And when the contest is over I will contact you all to remind you of the prize you will offer.

Prize Artists

1st place
- 100 points + 1 drawing request from Little-MissMidnight
- 78 points from TheElementOfMagic
- 1 drawing request from TheLunaDiviner-Saix
- 1  colour pokedragon drawing request from Prophecy-Inc
- 1 drawing request from TheElementOfMagic

2nd place
- 1 colour request from karasawr
- 75 points + 1 lineart request from Little-MissMidnight
- 78 points from TheElementOfMagic
- 2 chibi request from ChibiChubbz  
- 1 drawing request from TheElementOfMagic
- 1 BW pokedragon drawing request from Prophecy-Inc

3rd place
- 50 points  from Little-MissMidnight
- 78 points from TheElementOfMagic
- 1 chibi request ChibiChubbz  
- 1 drawing request from BlackWhite2girl

Thanks again for everyone that suggested to be prize artists. I think we have more than enough now. But I could always make a list of emergency prize artists just in case one doesn't live up to their promise.

Due Date

Saturday August 30 - Midnight

Anymore questions please leave a comment in this journal and I will do my best to answer them.

List of participators:


:iconseiryu6: Who to choose? by Seiryu6

:iconayaroulane: In Front Of Fortree Gym by AyaRoulane

:iconprincesswitchblade: Contest Ready by PrincessWitchBlade

:iconilovepokemon4ever: [Contest Entry] Me and My Gardevoir [P. Contest!] by ilovepokemon4ever

:iconssvineman: Pokemon Trainer Terra by ssvineman

I will update this list with participators when you have completed your entry. I will link your username and your entry in this list. But please still mention if your planning to join or are so I have a fair idea how many members will be joining. Thanks.

More Journal Entries


The Admins for this group.






Awesome people passing by...

People just passing by the group. :XD:
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Ooooh Okay, because I was wondering if I could upload pictures of genderbent GUYS into girls, that's why I was asking
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